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What you have always wanted to know about Mary Poppins, what she really has in her magic suitcase and how she really feels under her nanny manners: a bon ton and strict lady ONLY for social approval. This performance is a tribute to a Disney “Icon” with a touch of irony, satire…and a lot of fun. You also will discover the deepest side of MARY POPPINS, her hidden fantasy…a bit transgressive.

It can be considered my master piece



Italian show : 6mins 24secs

International show: 6mins 04secs

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I think everybody has a FB profile or page, and many of you post daily pictures and videos, especially when you are having fun at a party.

Nowadays it’s even more frequent to see facebook profile where trashy and vulgar men and women show bad, nasty and excessive image of themselves juts to upset and get more likes and approval.

They almost change their real identity to become “famous actors” inside the network cage, Later on they finally realize that going back to their own self, leaving their fake identinty…is much much better.

So let’s see how FACEBOOK becomes FALSEBOOK

It can be considered the most innovative and a social criticism



5mins 4secs

For Producers, full video here


A sweet hula dancer and her “flying” exotic partner are a strange and funny dancing duo!! You’ll see what’s gonna happen…and the “Lovely” final will surprise you….

An uncommon way to use Feather Fans and a colorful, big and shiny parrot make this show so joyous and summery.

It can be considered a fan dance, always in a original and alternative way.

It’s suitable for thematic nights even if it fits any kind of neo-burlesque and glamour show.



4mins 34secs


For Producers, full video here


It’s the story of 50s hollywood diva, persecuted by paparazzi while she’s taking her time for a walk down a central street where she stops by a bistrot for a drink. She tries to run away from annoying Paparazzi…but…they don’t go away! So, she decides to FEED them with her body and let them take so many pictures: Some nice some others funny and unfashionable for a “Diva.

It can be considered “glamour” but with my typical funny attitude



3mins 50secs


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