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Where Blondy Violet comes from!

I was born in northern Italy, in a small town between Parma and Modena called Reggio Emilia.

My love for being on stage and performing came up really soon in my life!

“Hey, don’t jump and dance on the sofa!!” – “Come on, don’t dance close to that mirror…”

These senteces were very often told by my parents when I was a young girl: I danced every now and then, at any TV commercial jingle even for few seconds. I couldn’t stay still.

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  • 2019_09_12-15 - 6th COMO LAKE BURLESQUE FESTIVAL _promo picture


September 4th, 2019|0 Comments

For the 2nd year and as PRINCESS of The Lake in charge, Blondy Violet will be a guest  @ 6th COMO LAKE BURLESQUE FESTIVAL  produced by the powerful SOPHIE CHAMPAGNE in the elegant and prestigious city of COMO.  Three days of glittery, [...]

  • 2019_06_08 -

8th June @ Les Folies des Femmes: another stage for Blondy Violet & “ Still Life? ”

May 24th, 2019|0 Comments

Blondy Violet will be a guest @ Pin Up & Burlesque Showcase “Les Folies des Femmes” produced by Ferrara Pin Up School e Racy Ros @ Spirito in Ferrara to present  “ STILL LIFE? ”, a very innovative photo project [...]

  • 2019_03_03 -

Blondy Violet brings “EroticArt Nights” in Reggio Emilia

February 22nd, 2019|0 Comments

For the first time in Reggio Emilia, Blondy Violet and Comacà restaurant brings "EroticArt Nights", a brand – new artistic-poetical show. SHOW FORMAT This new format is dedicated to EROTIC LITTERATURE that its perfectly matchable with the performers’ [...]