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Where Blondy Violet comes from!

I was born in northern Italy, in a small town between Parma and Modena called Reggio Emilia.

My love for being on stage and performing came up really soon in my life!
“Hey, don’t jump and dance on the sofa!!” – “Come on, don’t dance close to that mirror…”
These senteces were very often told by my parents  when I was a young girl: I danced every now and then, at any TV commercial jingle even for few seconds. I couldn’t stay still.
So one day, I was only 7, I walked through a dance school to attend my first Contemporary Dance class. It was love at first “step” and this love story lasted almost 14 years.
I was 20 when I had to stop dancing because I hurt my knees. Since then I attended some private classes and workshops with my teacher in the weekends.

Thanks to this long experience as a dancer I had the chance to make a great experience as hostess and main dancer in a resort in Sardinia during the summer 2001.

Next years I was forced to stop all dancing activities for that pain. Only in 2009 I started dancing again; it’s this the year that brought BURLESQUE in my life.
I lived in Los Angelese for 6 months and I attended the International Dance Academy Hollywood (IDAHollywood), a famous  dance school on Hollywood Blvd where Pop and Rock stars are used to going for their rehearsals. Here I heard and saw what “BURLESQUE” was and meant!

Since than I’ve never stopped with this wonderful and creative art!

I came back to Italy in 2010 and Burlesque courses were few and only far away from my hometown. Finally, in 2011, a new academy started up in my town: Silk Ribbon Sisters Academy with the italian coach Nuit Blanche were a new beginning in my burlesque career and my attitude as a solo performer.


Blondy Violet Style

EXPERIMENT and BREAK THE STEREOTYPE are the rules of the game!

Blondy Violet observes and studies everyday life habits and beliefs , then she puts them up on stage in a new satiric and “reinvented” way always with fun eroticism and a strong femininity. She feels really good seducing and making the audience smile.

She shows off a new perception where BLONDY doesn’t mean silly..at all.

She loves VIOLET COLOUR, considered a bad-luck colour on stage in her country tradition…but superstition doesn’t belong to her. She has always something violet on stage!

Let you attract to her world against the grain!

Blondy Violet on stage

International festivals and contests (the most recent on top)

3rd November 2018 – Prague (Czech Republic): 3rd Bohemian Burlesque Festival – Bohemian Market @ Tresor Club
30th September 2018 – Torino (Italy): “Amazing Flamingo” Cabaret & Burlesque Turin Festival @ Q77
13th September 2018 – Como (Italy): WINNER of Title “PRINCESS OF THE LAKE”  at 5th Como Lake Burlesque Festival @ Joshua Blues Club
12th May 2018 – Abano Terme (Italy):FIFTH PLACE (out of 20 contestants) at 3rd Vintage Circus & Burlesque Italy Teatrò – CRC Anima e Musica
5th May 2018 – Alessandria (Italy): Italy Burlypicks 2018 @ Bike Bar
24th April 2018 – Rome (Italy): WINNER of “BEST COMEDY” CROWN (out of 17 contestants) at 1stChez Nous Burlesque Contest @ Teatro Petrolini
25th March 2018 – Treviso (Italy):Miss Burlesque Italia – ZELIG TV @ Nasty Boys
3rd February 2018 – Pordenone (Italy):THIRD PLACE(out of 24 contestants) at 2nd Funny Burlesque Contest @ Rock Town
3rd December 2017 – Bologna (Italy): Bologna Burlesque Festival @ Sympo’ – Ex Chiesa 
6th – 7th October 2017 – Ibiza (Spain): The 1st Ibiza Burlesque Festival @ Santos Ibiza
25th – 27th May 2017 – Rijeka (Croatia): The 1st Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival
10th – 11th December 2016 – Cantù (Como, ITALY)2nd Burlesque Festival Party
12th – 19th August 2016 – Edinburgh (UK): 6 Shows at EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL including “The Best of Burlesque”
28th November 2015 – Belfast (UK): BELFAST BURLESQUE FESTIVAL – Crown Award Show
21st November 2015 – Dublin (Ireland): DUBLIN BURLESQUE FESTIVAL – Gala Night
16th May 2015 – Milan (ITALY): BURLYPICKS International by Burlybitch and Kat De Lac – Italian Regional Competition
19th March 2015 – Atlanta, GA (USA): 5th Annual Southern Fried Burlesque Festival
8th November 2014 – DUBLIN (Ireland): DUBLIN BURLESQUE FESTIVAL – Newcomer category
30th May 2014 – LONDON (UK): BURLESQUE IDOL – Madame Jojo’s Theatre
20th / 21st September 2013 – Voralberg (Austria): 10th ROCKABILLY BOMBARDEMENT
13th Semtember 2013 – Milan (Italy): Dixie Evans Week – Milan chapter
October 2012 – Lindau (Germany): Solo debut performance at 2nd LINDAU BURLESQUE AWARD

Club and Events Performances (the most recent on top)

9th March 2019 – Ravenna (ITALY): Solo Performance at Pink Weekend for International Woman’s Day
6th June 2018 – Rome (ITALY): Solo Performance at Chez Nous Burlesque Show @ Kill Joy
4th November 2017 – Rome (ITALY): Solo Performance at “La Maison De Plaisir” @ L’Archivio 14
23th August 2017 – Santa Monica, Los Angeles (USA): Solo Performance at “TRiPTease Burlesque” @ TRIP Santa Monica
17th August 2017 – Las Vegas (USA): Solo Performance at “Majestik Burlesque” @ Royal Resort Hotel sharing the stage with Burlesque Legend Gabriella Maze
29th – 31st December 2016 – Hamburg (Germany): 3 shows as a soloist (including New Year’s Eve) at the iconic burlesque club “Home of Burlesque”
8th March 2016 – Ferrara (Italy): Solo performance at #misposglioperchèvoglio by The Flab Whiskers – Woman’s Day benefit event for “Centro Donna Giustizia”
8th January 2016 – Paris (France): Solo performance at Pretty Propaganda by Louise De Ville – “Goodbye Pretty Propaganda – Glitter Explosion”
November – December 2014 – Reggio Emilia (Italy): Solo performance in the show “Rivista Burlesca” by Silk Ribbon Sisters Burlesque Team
May 2013 – Reggio Emilia (Italy): Group performance and vintage defilè at American’s Fun (Fair about American culture)
April 2013 – Bayern (Germany): Solo performance – 3 days TOUR to different clubs: “The Last Resort” (Tubingen); “Kreuz Obermarchtal” (Obermarchtal); “Die Kurbel – Karlsruhes Kinogenossenschaft” (Karlsruhes)
May 2012 – Reggio Emilia (Italy): Group performance and vintage defilè at American’s Fun (Fair about American culture)
May 2012 – Reggio Emilia (Italy): Group performance and vintage defilè at American’s Fun (Fair about American culture)


Some solo/group performances in different venues/benefit event near my town: Pernilla Tavern (Modena), Caffè Concerto (Modena), Circolo Bolognesi (Ferrara) and some others in Reggio Emilia

How Blondy Violet gets here

2017 – Present:Various Workshops with international artists
2016: private classes with Vibrissa (Burlesque Cabaret Verona)
2015:  private classes with Milena Bisacco
2014-2015: private classes with Cleo Viper
2012-2015: solo performer as SILK RIBBON SISTERS BURLESQUE TEAM’s member
2011-2013: Burlesque classes with Nuit Blanche @ Silk Ribbon Burlesque Academy Reggio Emilia

Since I was a child: Contemporary Dance
Workshops and private classes (most recent first):

Other Show and Artistic Experiences

From 2016 – aerial hoop, hammock and silk classes
2010 – Two lessons of flying trapeeze in Santa Monica, California (as a very beginner)
2001 – Fire Show as dance performer in a Resort in Sardinia (as a very beginner)